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Why CheckMate?
Why have aviation checklists been so illogical?  Why are other single-page checklists so incomplete?  And why has no one developed a “standardized” system for more than just a few "profitable" aircraft models?  We asked those same questions, over 22 years ago. Our labor of love has been worth it!
~  By far, the most complete user-friendly single-card checklist in the industry.  Data that is logical, concise, intuitive, and complete. Linear Scale for measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN mileage distances. A dedicated Departure, Cruise, and Arrival Section.  Speeds are given in both KNOTS and MPH.
~  Heavy-duty, 30 mil card. Our plastic cards are the most durable medium available.  This material is expensive to produce but eliminates the common delaminating inherent in laminated paper products.
~  Over 1200 checklists covering 325 models of aircraft. The means you can be sure to find a CheckMate for almost any aircraft you want to fly which gives you comfort in flying with a familiar and consistent format - a very important factor. Whether you are flying a Cessna 140, a Piper Mirage, or a Beechcraft Baron, the data is exactly where you expect it to be. You have a graphical checklist that is the identical format for each plane you fly. Transitioning from one plane to another is dramatically easier. An essential safety consideration for flying proficiency!
~  A choice of sizes with the same information; no eliminations. Pilots tell us that once they fly with CheckMate they never go back to anything else.

The most complete, highly endorsed and recognized aviation checklists in the industry! Many endorsements from Instructors of the Year, independent Flying Magazines and Aviation Safety Organizations have said it best:
"the best checklist since airplanes were invented" ...... Atlantic Flyer.
" Very comprehensive and practical. A worthy contribution to aviation safety " - Rod Machado, Master CFI
"I can honestly say that the CheckMate is the very best I have ever flown with - they should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of their experience." - Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations(Retired)
~ F.A.A. Flight Safety Award ~ U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration

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