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Built with a unique and modern design, Clarity Aloft’s industry-leading in-ear headsets are engineered to focus on three major benefits: sound quality, comfort and hearing protection.

Sound Clarity: Clear communication is vital for safe flight operations. Clarity Aloft uses advanced technology to produce crystal clear sound – both spoken, through the noise-canceling microphone, and heard, through the dual balanced armature speakers.

Ultimate Comfort: The innovative, lightweight design of Clarity Aloft Headsets makes you forget you are wearing headset at all. This gives you the freedom to fly without the constant pressure and weight of traditional over-ear headsets - a true burden for those especially long trips. The low-profile headband, adjustment band, and flexible boom were designed with precision to provide ultimate comfort without requiring constant adjustment.

Hearing Protection: Clarity Aloft is a passionate advocate for hearing protection. It is no secret that exposure to harmful noise can permanently damage your hearing. The ability to hear is easily lost and impossible to replace so robust sound suppression is paramount. Clarity Aloft puts a physical block between harmful noise and your ability to hear with their carefully designed in-ear headsets and unparalleled noise reduction.

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