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One of the most popular pilot kneeboards in the air today are the Flyboys combat-tested kneeboards. These kneeboards are designed by and for military pilots. Flyboys kneeboards are also great for civilian flying. Why? The combination of outstanding quality, features, and performance make them so popular. All Flyboys kneeboards are constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, and they last a LONG time.

Gird List
  • Flyboys IFR/VFR Kneeboard

    The #1 seller! The most versatile kneeboard on the market today.A GREAT kneeboard featuring seven eyelets for securing checklists, plastic checklist pages or your in-flight guide - (every base has different spacing, so this...

  • Flyboys Reversible Kneeboard with Clipboard

    Introducing our newest Fly Boys product, the Reversible Kneeboard! Designed specifically to accommodate ALL Pilots (right AND left handed!), while providing the same features as the standard kneeboard you know and love.All...

  • MapStrap

    Simple and Superior - the FlyBoys MapStrapSome environments call for a simple way to keep a few charts, maps or checklists at your fingertips. The FB1063 MapStrap is the solution. Constructed of the same high-quality...

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