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The tablet is revolutionizing the future of aviation! Thanks to advances in miniaturization, the tablet converts a 30 pound chart case into a compact, easy to access electronic flight bag for navigation and increased situational awareness. Securing your iPad is no longer a challenge. We offer both iPad kneeboards and mounts to help you get airborne safely and efficiently.

iPad kneeboards help secure your iPad to your leg for flight and act as a protective case on the ground. Strapped to your leg, the iPad is within your field of view and allows you to access the touch screen instantaneously with a quick look or a natural hand movement. Most iPad kneeboards allow the tablet to rotate for better positioning in flight, such as the Sky High Gear Genesis X. If you are looking for an elegant kneeboard/case combo for your iPad, check out the iPad Portfolio Kneeboard by ASA.

iPad leg straps such as the AppStrap offer a lightweight alternative to a full-size kneeboard case. They provide security and easy access to the screen while keeping the tablet in your field of view.

iPad mounts secure the iPad to a panel or window, out of the way of the pilot’s control movements while remaining in the field of view. This allows the pilot easy visual reference to approach plates, airport information, and other navigation apps. Mounts make it easy for two pilot crews to share an iPad by securing the iPad in a central location, unlike a kneeboard.

Fallon Aviation carries the latest in iPad accessories to equip your iPad 1, iPad 2, or iPad 3 for flight!

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