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15 Creative Aviation Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are often the least expensive items on your holiday shopping list. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as thoughtful as the other gifts you plan on giving. We have taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect aviation inspired items to save you tons of time and energy. Now you can finish checking off your gift list early. So stuff those stockings -and stuff 'em good!

  Pin It "Trust Me - I'm a Pilot" - Fridge Magnet

Aviation Fridge Magnets

Not just for the fridge, these magnets highlight your passion for aviation and are sure to be a conversation starter no matter where you use them.

 Pin It Boeing Cockpit Altimeter Desk Clock

Boeing Cockpit Altimeter Desk Clock

Watch time fly with this desk clock that's cleverly designed to look like a genuine airplane altimeter. Keep track of time while experiencing the excitement of being in an airplane cockpit.

Boeing Vision of Flight Playing Cards

Boeing Vision of Flight Playing Cards

Watch out for flying aces - and kings and queens too! This exclusive Boeing one-of-a-kind deck features 13 contemporary Boeing aircraft

      Image 1     Image 2  Pin It "Remove Before Flight" Can Cooler/Coozie

"Remove Before Flight" Can Cooler/Coozie

Need a friendly reminder to remove that beverage before flight? This one is sure to be a big hit at the next BBQ.

"Bottle to Throttle" Bottle Opener

"Bottle to Throttle" Bottle Opener

Double check the regs before you even open your beer! Drink responsibly with this handy bottle opener is imprinted with with FAR 91.17.

Aviation Mugs

Aviation Mugs

While proper fueling of an aircraft is important to any flight operation, so is proper fueling of the pilot-in-command (PIC). So whether your PIC runs on Jet fuel or Avgas these mugs invite you in for a warm drink.


Aviation Key Chains

These unique keychains are an Aviator's must have and perfect gift for any pilot or aviation enthusiast!

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Glider

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Glider

Make your loved one part of the 787 Dreamliner team! You can be both the engineer and the pilot with this glider kit.

Paper Clips - Silver

Airplane & Helicopter Paper Clips

Any helicopter or aviation buff will want these 1.5" long, silver helicopter paper clips. Twenty-five of them are attractively packaged in a desktop-ready storage tin.

Boeing Carbon Fiber Pen Set

Boeing Carbon Fiber Pen Set

This elegant, Boeing branded pen design features a solid black cap with a silver-tone clip and a black high-tech carbon fiber body. This set includes two smooth-writing pens, one ballpoint and one rollerball.

Flight Outfitters Clip Wallet

Flight Outfitters Clip Wallet

Give the gift of style. The Flight Outfitters leather wallet is simply designed to carry just what you need.

Propeller Letter Opener

Propeller Letter Opener

Put a new spin on opening the bills with this propeller letter opener. With its streamlined design of heavy zinc alloy and brushed-metal finish, it makes a beautiful objet d’art for the desktop

Jet Airplane Push-Button Business Card Case

Business Card Case

This Jet Airplane push button business card case is truly unique. Great for show when making contacts in the aviation industry, or just great as a conversation piece!

Stuffed Pilot Bear

Pilot Teddy Bear

This cute little 8" plush pilot bear is ready for take-off, and cute too! This bear is dressed in open-cockpit attire for flying his old biplane. A great gift for any child, pilot, or aviation enthusiast!

Cessna 172 3-D Laser Cut Model

Cessna Skyhawk 3D Laser Cut Model

These amazingly detailed do-it-yourself models start out as a four-inch square steel sheet. After you follow the detailed instructions, it turns into an attractive 3D model of the Cessna 172.


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