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4 New Product Lines for Fun & Functional Flying

Fallon Aviation has been serving an increasing number of professional and recreational pilots who seek affordable, high quality aviation products. We are proud of the professional partnerships we have formed with the world's most highly respected and well recognized brands and strongly believe in the high quality and reliability of their products.

To better serve our customers we are constantly growing our inventory to include the latest brands and products that make flying fun and affordable.

Check out some of the newest products recently added to our selection of pilot supplies:

WingMate Smart NFC Luggage Tags


WingMate is a "Smart" tag that provides a secure way to store personal contact information on virtually any traveling valuable, such as luggage or electronics, and assists with the recovery of valuables when lost. Think of it as a transponder for your Crew Bag or other items!

Using NFC and QR Code Technology, WingMate is the most advanced Crew Luggage Tag available. Never write on a luggage tag again and have your personal information easily exposed to the public, simply update your contact information with a click of your mouse or use your smartphone! Whenever your tag is lost, WingMate increases the effectiveness of recovering your lost articles. WingMate was developed by two airline pilots and is flight crew tested to be the best and last luggage tag you will ever need!

PlaneSights / Redfab Inc.


PlaneSights manufactures the world’s most durable and very obvious remove before flight items and industrial lockout solutions. Forgetting to remove a faded, dull and worn-out pitot tube cover can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers. PlaneSights’ durable, weather-resistant remove before flight items are an investment in safety!





CheckMate Aviation


Over 1200 checklists covering 325 models of aircraft. The means you can be sure to find a CheckMate for almost any aircraft you want to fly which gives you comfort in flying with a familiar and consistent format - a very important factor. Whether you are flying a Cessna 140, a Piper Mirage, or a Beechcraft Baron, the data is exactly where you expect it to be. You have a graphical checklist that is the identical format for each plane you fly. Transitioning from one plane to another is dramatically easier. An essential safety consideration for flying proficiency!




Pilot Workshops


PilotWorkshops’ "Pilot Friendly" GPS manuals are NOT just a rewrite of the manufacturer's manual. They provide a task-oriented format that focuses on procedures, not "buttonology". The table-of-contents lists the procedures the GPS unit can perform. Go to that page and the steps are listed 1, 2, 3, etc to complete that task. Simple, Fast and Effective.

  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Task-oriented format
  • Table of contents makes it easy to find and learn the functions you need.
  • Fully illustrated with simple diagrams
  • Spiral bound for convenient use in the cockpit


Check back often as we are constantly adding new products to our growing line of pilot supplies!

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