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How to Choose a Professional Pilot Shirt

Selecting a professional pilot uniform shirt should be simple, right? After all, the very definition of “uniform” is: not changing in form; remaining the same in all cases and at all times. Sounds like it should be easy enough; but with so many brands and styles to choose from you may not know where to start.

Here, we have evaluated and compared three pilot uniform shirts by focusing on the main characteristics that would affect your purchasing decision - Style, Quality, Comfort and, of course, Price.


Elite Pilot Shirt by AEROPhoenix


Our top pick for overall quality, comfort, and fit is the Elite pilot shirt. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the designer fabric is thick without being stiff and maintains a consistent "optical white" color. This makes the shirt durable and gives a just-pressed look. Reinforced collar tips and button area along with the tapered fit make for an exceptionally neat appearance. These features make the Elite an outstanding military grade uniform shirt.

But it’s not enough for your uniform shirt to look nice after a long day in the cockpit. Comfort is key! The Elite pilot shirt features a generous comfort area around the neck and a slightly tapered fit to prevent the shirt from pulling out when moving in and out of the cockpit. Dual back pleats and safety overlock armpit construction allow for comfortable movement.

Other notable features:

  • "Size graded" pocket placement, offers optimal positioning, regardless of shirt size.
  • Left pocket has "false" instant access flap, right pocket has real flap and buttons.
  • Pen slot in each pocket, with stitched channel on left side.
  • Includes shoulder straps for Epaulets.

If you are looking to invest in a durable, sharp-looking yet comfortable uniform shirt then the Elite pilot shirt by AEROPhoenix is the way to go.


Pilot Shirt by Van Heusen


The Pilot shirt by Van Heusen is an ideal choice if you are looking for a built-in solution to frequent use of wings or name tag. Designed based on the Air Force dress uniform shirt the Pilot shirt includes reinforced wing-eyelets sewn in to prevents your name tag or wings from tearing or deteriorating the fabric. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this professional shirt is light weight and looks great.

Other notable features:

  • Two pleated pockets with functional flaps and buttons.
  • Both pockets have pen slots.
  • Includes shoulder straps for Epaulets.
  • Includes Wing eyelets over left breast.

If you are looking for an affordable shirt and regularly wear wings or a name tag the Pilot Shirt by Van Heusen might be your best bet. Although, it is not the only option. Luso Aviation released a new product called the WINGMAN.

The WINGMAN is the reinforcement patch designed specifically for pilot lapel wings. It has an iron-on backing that applies to any pilot shirt easily, strongly, and lasts wash after wash. Its embroidered lock channel prevents pin holes from expanding and keeps your wings oriented upright. The lock channel is wide enough to accommodate most airline issued wings regardless of their rear clasp type. The patch was designed to be as thin as possible to keep a low profile on any professional pilot uniform shirt.


Aviator Shirt by Van Heusen


If price is your primary concern the Van Heusen Aviator shirt is the clear choice. This classic professional pilot shirt is worn by more commercial pilots than any other shirt. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this military weight poplin fabric looks great and is easy to care for and launder.

Other notable features:

  • Two pockets with functional flaps and buttons.
  • One pen slot.
  • Extra-long tuck-in tails.
  • Includes shoulder straps for Epaulets.

General features expected in a pilot uniform shirt plus affordability makes the Aviator shirt by Van Heusen an unbeatable choice for crewmembers.

Any one of these professional pilot uniform shirts would be a great choice. We have highlighted the outstanding features of each style. But the answer to selecting the right pilot shirt is finding one within your budget that makes you looks good and feel good.

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