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Gird List
  • Foggles IFR Training Glasses

    Foggles manufactures glasses that are used as a tool during the pilot training process. The glasses are designed to limit the pilot's field of vision. This assists the learning process by encouraging the pilot to fly with...

  • Jiffyhood

    View-limiting device, used for instrument training; pilot wears to see the instrument panel and block outside references. ASA's Jiffyhood for IFR training is comfortable, light, and does the job at a reasonable price. Light...

  • Overcasters

    The lightweight, simple and effective view-limiting device for simulating instrument conditions in the cockpit environment.Overcasters™ are lightweight, clip-on visors that attach to any prescription eyeglass or...

  • Toddlauri IFR Training Glasses - Black

    Here is the valueleader for IFR training glasses. Unlike the big name competitors, these are not "cheaters", and they're lighter weight. Polycarbonate Lenses (UV Protected) Adjustable frames High brow area to...

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